She loves to wear high heels and I love to worship her high heels!

Heelslut  noun  \ˈhēlslət\ 1. A person who appreciates, adores and knows about high heel footwear. 2. A male that becomes sexually aroused when looking at a female wearing high heel shoes or boots. 3. A male, usually having a submissive disposition, that can only receive sexual gratification by kissing, licking, sucking, and fucking high heel footwear to please the female wearer.

Examples of HEELSLUT

  • She demanded that her heelslut lick her stiletto heel shoes clean upon her arrival home from work each day.
  • When her new six inch heel designer pumps arrived she put them on to make her heelslut become erect. Then she enjoyed watching her heelslut stroke his penis on her new shoes until he had an orgasm.
  • Brad is such a heelslut his girlfriend can get him to do almost anything for the chance to kiss her platform pumps.

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Synonyms: shoeslut, heeladdict, bootbitch, shoeslave, bootlicker, shoewhore, heeljunkie, solelicker