High Heel Videos

Ultra High Peep Pumps – A Lick Heels Slut Series Video

Feb 21, 2017 in Video Update


That long slender ombre clear heel is amazing! So high and glossy I could lick and suck it for days! I’m just grateful if she allows me a few moments to worship her gorgeous footwear, of course. And her smooth silky nylons slightly damp from being confined in those beautiful patent leather pedestals. There’s so much to sniff, lick and kiss — that super high platform, the peep toe I can get my tongue in to taste her pretty red toe nails within her sheer hose, the thin ankle strap and shiny soles. Such a lucky heelslut to be totally owned by her shoes!

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Super Sharons – A Lick Heels Slut Series Video

Feb 19, 2017 in Video Update


My tongue was dripping with just one look at her gorgeous new Zanotti six-plus inch heel black leather peeptoe platform pumps. Just look at how the glossy red of her toe nails within sheer black nylon can be seen through the peep hole. Its so good to get my tongue in there tasting the nylon, leather and feet at the same time. Speaking of leather… these beauties are crafted from some of the most supple leather imaginable. Licking it is a divine treat. Lucky for me, she demanded that I take one off so I could sniff, kiss and lick the inside!

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Shiny Boot Slut

Dec 8, 2015 in Video Update


My Heelqueen’s gorgeous new shiny skin tight black patent leather over-the-knee Casadei boots are otherwordly! Look at how they glimmer in the light, listen to them creek with every movement… and that heel! It’s metal with small flecks of glitter. The way it curves into the boot like a sculpture placing her beautiful fishnetted feet at the perfect arch makes this heelslut drip with anticipation locked beneath her shoe floor. She allows me to serve as her sole buff before jabbing that sharp heel into the tender flesh of “her” stiff boot stick and then strokes it to spurt on her command. Like any good bootslut, I hungrily lap the shoe goo from boots leaving them clean and shiny!

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Shiny Grey Heels

Oct 18, 2015 in Video Update


My Heelqueen decided to wear her gorgeous shiny grey patent Taylor Says platform pumps with micro-net fishnets and skin tight black latex leggings while she used her human sole buff… me! Those smooth printed soles feel almost as good on my tongue as they do stroking “her” shoe shine stick. It didn’t take long to make me beg for her permission to cum for her stunning heels.

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10 Inch Heel Licker

Sep 3, 2015 in Video Update


These gorgeous black patent platform beauties give new meaning to the term “shoe worship!” My Heelqueen loves to wear them and she insists they be kept shiny at all times to match her form fitting latex garb. She also insists that the human heel cleaner living beneath her floor coordinate with both her high heels and her outfit. I’m just thankful she allowed me to wear the shiny hood with eyes so I could see those stunning 10 inch heels when she commanded me to lick them!

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Silver Glitter Shoe Service

Aug 26, 2015 in Video Update


Her stunning shiny silver glitter seven inch heel platform peeptoe pumps are in need of attention and that’s just what a heelslut’s tongue was made for. And when she requires service all she has to do is open the trap door in her floor. Her human heel mop pops right up to clean, suck, kiss and lick at her command! I must have done a particularly good job as she rewarded me by shoving her damp sheer black hosed toes deep into my mouth. Thank you, Heelqueen! Oh, notice her gorgeous skin tight leather leggings too… makes my shine stick stand ready to pump out the shoe gloss, but she’ll save that for later.

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Beneath Her Floor

Aug 4, 2015 in Video Update

Heel Sucking

Who knows how long I was left in the dark while She got ready, the clicking of her sharp stilettos echoing all around the small chamber carved out for my body beneath Her closet floor. I would not be allowed to accompany Her this evening. I would serve only as Her human sole rag. When She pulled the hatch door from its frame my head was in perfect alignment to provide Her footwear with whatever service She demanded. As a reward She slipped one hosed smothered foot from Her pump and shoved her silky smooth toes deep inside my gaping mouth. Quite literally a dream come true… now I am not only under Her heels mentally, She can also put my entire being physically beneath the floor Her gorgeous high heels walk on! I cannot wait for my Heelqueen to go out again!

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DiMarni Pumps

May 4, 2015 in Video Update


The heel is so thin, the arch so high and that smooth leather sole so, so good to lick! My Heelqueen’s silky sheer feet are a perfect fit for her gorgeous black leather DiMarni pumps. I’ve been dreaming about seeing her wear them for a very long time. Now I get to be under her total control while she makes me kiss and lick them, and strokes “her” shoe stick with the soles. In the end, she gets exactly what she wants… a nice strong spurt of heel cream I can lick off that beautiful black leather to leave a nice shine behind!

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Zip Ankle Bootjob

Apr 10, 2015 in Video Update

High Heel Fetish

Notice how licking my Heelqueen’s dirty soles makes “her” shoe stick harder and more drippy? These gorgeous front zipped black leather with shiny patent accents 6 inch platform ankle booties are simply stunning! When she wears them with black hose I get particularly salivary to get my tongue and lips all over all that supple leather should she allow it. Of course, there’s nothing she likes better than controlling her property from above by stroking “her” cock to make it spew its sole cream. Only when it’s all lapped off from her beautiful boot soles are they clean for the day!

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Cum For Her Wedges

Mar 27, 2015 in Video Update


I absolutely lust for wedges and “heel-less’ high heels. This particular pair is simply divine, especially when my Heelqueen wears them with super sheer black hose. All those studs and spikes and straps… GORGEOUS! Look at that steep arch too! And the way you can see her beautiful sheer feet between the thick straps. I can only get hard now when I lick her shoes clean and am only allowed to cum for her footwear. She has me totally trained as her little heelslut!

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