High Heel Videos

Boot Slut

Mar 18, 2015 in Video Update

Boot Licker

These gorgeous leather knee high side zip covered platform high heel boots are luscious to lick and kiss, and even better to fuck… when my Heelqueen allows me to, of course! The scent of all that leather wrapped tight around her beautiful legs and feet is enough to make me drip just thinking about it. When she commands me to worship, I nearly spilled my load of show goo when my tongue tasted that supple leather. Fortunately I was able to hold out until she demanded I fuck her boots and give them a cum & tongue shine!

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Walk In The Park

Mar 11, 2015 in Video Update

Shoe Fetish

My Heelqueen’s YSL Tribtoo hidden platform black leather 6 inch heel pumps are genuinely drip worthy! There’s just something about these heels that’s incredible… especially when you’re a total heel slut. If you love them too you know exactly what I’m talking about. I don’t know if it’s the way they’re shaped, how they were crafted or the slight sheen on the exquisite leather outer or the thin square heel or soft gold sole, but they’re to-die-for. Paired with a black leather dress and super glossy hose this was definitely a wonderful walk in the park!

Shiny Leopard

Mar 4, 2015 in Video Update

Shoejob Video

One look at her sublime shiny patent leopard print Loubie So Kate stiletto 5″ heel pumps makes my shoe stick drip feverishly! The heel is so thin and the toe so pointy. They’re incredible! Look at how thin the sides are to show off her super glossy hosed feet! As any good heelslut would do, I crawled under her heel floor at the snap of her pretty fingers so she could use me with her new pumps any way she liked. Of course, it ended with a good shine of those gorgeous red soles with my shoe cream and her shoe rag (formerly known as my tongue)!

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Wedges Walking

Feb 3, 2015 in Video Update

High Heel Wedges

These black leather platform wedges are so strappy, so spiky and so high! They conform perfectly to my Heelqueen’s exquisite feet smothered in sheer ultra glossy hose and tight leather pants. I just want to follow her on hands & knees to worship the ground her beautiful shoes walk on! It’s what a heelslut does!

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Out In Silver Glitter

Jan 23, 2015 in Video Update

Shoe Fetish

They’re so high… and shiny!!! How often do you get to see a pair of seven inch heel platform glitter pumps glide down the street? Following my Heelqueen in just such phenomenal footwear certainly made “her” shoe pole rock hard as those tall slender heels clicked their way along the avenue. Sitting for coffee was even better as her gorgeous pumps got to play, dangle and slide on the hard sidewalk surface.

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Ankle Booties

Jan 16, 2015 in Video Update

Boot Fetish

More of my gorgeous Heelqueen wearing a pair of gorgeous high heel booties out in public. These Italian made ankle boots crafted from soft black leather with shiny black patent accents, front gold zippers, muted pink soles and super high 6+ inch heels are quite mesmerizing to watch. You know you want to, but you know it’s not polite to stare at gorgeous heels in public. Here’s your chance to follow these amazing boots up close as if you were crawling along wishing she’d allow you a lick or two!

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So High Arched

Jan 5, 2015 in Video Update

High Heel Fetish

I love it when my Heelqueen decides to wear six plus inch designer platform sandals and take me out for a walk! These beauties are simply divine with thin patent straps and soft black leather covered platforms and heels. The way they shape her sheer black pantyhose smothered feet into a super high arch is more than this heelslut can bear, more often than not. She gets a coffee at the mall, walks around a while, and then sits so she can take off her gorgeous heels to adjust her pretty hose. Watching those long glossy red nails play with those shiny shoe straps is drip inducing. The rest of her outfit just makes me drip more… tight stretch leather leggings, a short crop sequin jacket and pink metallic clutch… so beautiful! You’d drip too if you were ever lucky enough to see her walking.

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Platform Boots

Dec 31, 2014 in Video Update

Boot Fetish

Her new Italian black leather side zip covered platform high heel boots are amazing! Watching her walk in them is even more amazing! This is almost always the view I get when she allows me to escort her, unless I’m opening the door for her, of course. She knows my eyes are constantly glued to her gorgeous footwear and my head tuned into only the clicking of her high stiletto heels on pavement. I must admit to sneaking a glance at her beautiful legs fully encased in tight leather leggings and her log red nails when she decides to take off a boot to adjust her smooth shiny black hose. Here’s your chance to follow my beautiful Heelqueen in her beautiful boots!

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Leopard Loubies

Dec 22, 2014 in Video Update


So shiny, so leopardy, so gorgeous and so utterly lickable! Her new So Kate 120 patent leopard print pumps are to die for! The heel is ultra thin and sharp… perfect for my Heelqueen to put me in my proper place with. The glossy red soles feel so good on my tongue and look fantastic with her super shiny black sheer pantyhose. Her lucky little heelslut got to pump his heel cream right inside that glorious light leather insole before she slipped her glossy feet back in squishing all that cream into her toes

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Leopard Pumps

Dec 8, 2014 in Video Update

Shoe Fetish

They’re so shiny, silky and high! I love being under her platform soles when she wears such dreamy high heels. And the multi-color leopard print is simply to for! They look and taste so good from beneath her smooth black pantyhose legs. When her gorgeous nails play with “her” shoe swizzle I have to beg to cream for her gorgeous leopard pumps!

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