So High Arched

High Heel Fetish

I love it when my Heelqueen decides to wear six plus inch designer platform sandals and take me out for a walk! These beauties are simply divine with thin patent straps and soft black leather covered platforms and heels. The way they shape her sheer black pantyhose smothered feet into a super high arch is more than this heelslut can bear, more often than not. She gets a coffee at the mall, walks around a while, and then sits so she can take off her gorgeous heels to adjust her pretty hose. Watching those long glossy red nails play with those shiny shoe straps is drip inducing. The rest of her outfit just makes me drip more… tight stretch leather leggings, a short crop sequin jacket and pink metallic clutch… so beautiful! You’d drip too if you were ever lucky enough to see her walking.

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