Her Dafs at the Mall

Shoe Fetish

Have you ever been out some place nice and heard the click-clack of stiletto heels on a hard floor? You know it sends tingles through your shoe pole. Then you see the beautiful woman wearing those heels and you just can’t help the tent your pole produces in your pants. You want to drop down on the floor and beg her to lick the ground she walks on, but you can’t. All you can do is get a fleeting glimpse, start to drip and walk off frustrated with heel lapping dreams in your head. Here’s your chance to follow my beautiful Heelqueen while she navigates the mall wearing her gorgeous Louboutin Daffodil black leather 6+ inch heel platform pumps. You’ll be right there at floor level right behind her clicking stiletto heels every step of the way. Then watch her dangle and dip her gorgeous heels from her soft black Falke hosed feet. Her form fitting super snug leather leggings cling to her sublime legs completing the look that always sends me straight to the ground begging for just one lick of her heel!

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